Energize/De-energize Existing Service

If you have an existing service and wish to de-energize or re-energize after an idle term you must contact the office (1-877-428-3972) and complete one of the applicable forms listed below. If the member service has been de-energized for longer than one year, an electric permit will be required prior to Battle River Power Coop energizing the service.

Energize a non-subdivision service

Energized Overhead Service Form

Energized Underground Service Form

Energize for a subdivision service only

Overhead Subdivision Service Form

Underground Subdivision Service Form

De-Energize a Service

De-energizing your service means you will be setting your service to idle and you will be subject to the idle monthly charge (see Rate Schedule). You can call Battle River Power Coop (1-877-428-3972) or complete and submit the De-energize Service Request Form.