Energy Retailers

You have a choice of who supplies your energy.

You can obtain power from Battle River Power Coop at the regulated rate, or you can shop for electricity from the list of retailers below.

You are not disadvantaged in any way because of your choice. We'll still support your power grid and keep it working no matter who supplies your electricity.

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Energy Retailers in Our Service Area

  • Active Business Services
  • Abode Energy
  • Acorn Energy
  • Adagio Energy
  • Alberta Cooperative Energy
  • Alberta Utility Source
  • Azgard Energy
  • Battle River Rural Energy Division
  • Bow Valley Power
  • Brighter Futures Energy
  • Camrose Energy
  • Direct Energy
  • Echo Energy
  • EMCO Energy
  • Fluent Utilities
  • Foothills Energy Coop
  • Get Energy
  • Headwaters Utilities
  • Hudson Energy
  • Link Energy
  • Mountain View Power
  • Newgen Energy
  • Park Power
  • Ridge Utilities
  • Sandstone Energy
  • Solarmax Power
  • Spot Power
  • Tassa Energy
  • TransAlta Corporation
  • Utility Net
  • Utility Network & Partners Inc.
  • Vector Energy
  • Wholesale Power
  • Xoom Energy Canada ULC