Environmental Stewardship

Substance Care and Handling

Applies to all Battle River Power Coop owned substances including transportation, equipment or electrical oil filled equipment for the:

  • Identification (MSS)
  • Cleanup
  • Testing/sampling
  • Safe handling
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Disposal of oil filled equipment
  • Disposal of PCB contaminated equipment.

Particular attention is paid to equipment which is identified as non-PCB equipment (with a concentration of less the 50 parts per million and PCB free equipment (concentration of less than 2 parts per million). This includes the clear identification of the questionable PCB levels, appropriate testing to confirm levels and following regulatory disposal procedures.


Battle River Power Coop assumes responsibility for reclaiming land prior to turning it over to the land owner after a substation etc. has been on the property. The following are the steps we will take to reclaim the land:

  • Remove distribution equipment, poles, wire, etc.
  • Take 4 soil samples from various locations and depths
  • Send soil samples to lab for analysis of PCB contamination
  • Remove fence posts, concrete pad and wire
  • Remove approximately 18-24" of soil and gravel
  • Take 2 samples at the bottom of the excavation
  • Send soil samples to lab analysis of soil sterilant and pesticides
  • Fill with new topsoil and level
  • Take 1 new sample of the new topsoil and lab test
  • Send soil sample to lab for analysis of top soil chemistry
  • Turn over to land owner

Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act

Battle River Power Coop is guided by the Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act and adheres to associated legislation.