BRCREA Code Of Compliance

Download the BRCREA Electric Utilities Act Code of Conduct Regulation Compliance Plan.

Complaints about contraventions of the Code of Conduct Regulation may be made to the Alberta Utilities Commission or the Market Surveillance Administrator. The Alberta Utilities Commission can be reached by contacting 1-403-310-4282 or 1-833-511-4282 outside Alberta or The Market Surveillance Administrator can be reached by contracting 1-403-705-3181 or

The Alberta Utilities Commission and the Market Surveillance Administrator are independent of BRCREA and BRPC Wires Division and BRR-Energy Division. The contact information for the Compliance Officer for BRCREA (and its BRPC Wires Division and BRR-Energy Division) is as follows: Sheryl Raras, 780-672-7738,