Pole Testing / Maintenance Program

Battle River Power Coop replaces damaged and unsafe poles regularly to maintain a cost effective and safe distribution system. The Coop continually evaluates new and existing programs that may extend the life span of poles and other components in our system for benefit versus cost.

Our current program is designed to inspect every pole in our system on a seven year rotation that identifies wood poles that have reduced wood strength for a number of reasons which include possible decay, insects/rodents, and storm damage. Reports from these inspections are used to determine how many poles we have to replace. Field personnel also watch for any damage to the system as they travel through the area on their daily tasks.

Each year, on a seven year rotation, we test the poles in a planned area of Battle River to determine how many have reached the point where they are no longer dependable and should be changed. Poles up to twenty -five years old have a visual and sound test inspection and poles over twenty -five years old have three holes drilled 180 degrees apart just below ground level to check for condition of the pole. The poles identified are typically changed the year following unless the test determines a pole(s) is a hazard and must be changed immediately.

Pole Testing / Maintenance Program
Year Area # Poles
2020 Chipman, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc West, Viking 6310
2021 Amisk, Hampton 7859
2022 Angus Ridge, Battle River, Central Community 5580
2023 Alix, South Daysland, West Daysland, Waterglen 5680
2024 Bruderheim, Evergreen, Fredericksheim 5786