Dismantling of Service

The dismantling or 'salvage' of a service incorporates the complete removal of the power poles (from the mainline to member's transformer), transformer and wire that are part of the Battle River Power Coop distribution system.

If you wish to have your service dismantled, contact Battle River Power Coop at 1 (877) 428-3972

Dismantling of Electric Service Form

We will contact you to schedule the removal of the service and following the dismantle, our Utility Billing Department will be advised to cease billing as of that completion date.

Salvaging Out Idle Services

Battle River Power Coop has a current policy in place to assist members in the cost of salvaging out idle services which have been continuously on idle for at least 5 years. If you have an idle service and have questions about the cost to remove, please contact our office for assistance either by phone at 1 (877) 428-3972