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Electricity Safety Program for Grade Five

Battle River Power Coop's Grade Five Educational Presentation on Electrical Safety is a valuable initiative that aims to educate students about electricity and electrical safety, specifically focusing on working and playing near power lines. This presentation aligns with the Alberta Grade 5 science curriculum and provides an interactive and engaging learning experience for students. Here is an overview of the key components and benefits of this presentation:

Presentation Format

  1. PowerPoint Slide Show: The presentation is delivered in the form of a PowerPoint slide show. This visual format can help students grasp complex concepts and keep them engaged throughout the learning process.
  2. Hands-On Component - Hazard Hamlet: One of the standout features of this educational presentation is the "Hazard Hamlet." This is a tabletop simulator that demonstrates unsafe outdoor scenarios involving power lines. This hands-on experience allows students to actively engage with the material and understand the real-world risks associated with power lines.
  3. Lineman's Equipment: Students have the unique opportunity to see and hold a lineman's personal protective equipment, climbing gear, and high voltage rubber gloves designed for handling 25,000 volts. This tangible experience can make the topic of electrical safety more relatable and memorable for students.

Duration and Cost

The presentation takes approximately one hour to complete, making it suitable for a typical classroom setting.

Importantly, it is provided at no cost to the school, making it accessible to a wide range of educational institutions.

Learning Objectives

The primary goal of this presentation is to educate students about the dangers associated with power lines and electrical equipment.

It aims to instill a strong sense of electrical safety, ensuring that students understand the importance of avoiding risky behaviors around electricity.

Curriculum Alignment

This presentation is aligned with the Alberta Grade 5 science curriculum, which ensures that it complements and enhances the topics students are already learning in the classroom.

Students gain a deeper understanding of how electricity works, as well as the potential hazards it presents:

  • They learn essential safety measures to follow when dealing with electricity, especially when playing or working near power lines.
  • The hands-on experience and exposure to lineman's equipment make the learning experience more engaging and memorable.

In summary, Battle River Power Coop's Grade 5 Educational Presentation on Electrical Safety is a commendable educational initiative that not only educates students about electricity but also empowers them with the knowledge and awareness needed to stay safe around power lines and electrical equipment. This hands-on, interactive approach ensures that the information is not only understood but also retained, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of young people in the community.

EMS/Fire Department Teaching

Battle River Power Coop also has a power line safety presentation applicable to emergency personnel and provides this at no cost. This program includes a high voltage demo presented by one of our Powerline Technicians who demonstrates live line contact with actual power line equipment. These educational presentations assist in coordinating safety and synergies with the county personnel.

We Present Within These Counties:

Camrose County Ponoka County Municipal District of Provost
Strathcona County Beaver County Leduc County
Lamont County Sturgeon County Municipal District of Wainwright
Lacombe County County of Minburn
Flagstaff County County of Wetaskiwin

How to Apply

Ask your school/workplace if they would like an education session, and contact our office.