Meal to the Field – a celebration of harvest!

Alberta has one of the world’s most productive agricultural economies and is Canada’s 2nd largest agricultural producer. There are over 70,000 farmers in Alberta and the diversity of Alberta’s 21 million hectares of agricultural land allows for an agricultural sector that is diverse and includes crop production, livestock production and many others.

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It is recognized that farming and ranching helped build the Alberta economy and indeed those rural farmers and ranchers were the group that banded together to bring electricity to rural Alberta.

Rural Electrification Associations, like Battle River Power Coop, were built by these rural Albertans and they can take pride in the fact their contributions were, and are, more than putting food on the table.

In celebration of the hard work that occurs during harvest, Battle River Power Coop initiated a ‘thank you’ called Meal to the Field. Members are encouraged to enter the contest in late summer with deliveries occurring during harvest time. Meal to the Field gives employees and Directors an opportunity to meet and break bread with members and to show the appreciation that all of us have for their task at hand – the annual harvest.

The Meal to the Field contest is announced annually in the newsletter and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 The 2022 Meal to the Field Contest is CLOSED. Check back next year for your chance to win a Meal to the Field!