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This feature allows members to view their account history, make payments and/or receive invoice details. To apply for account access, please fill out the form on the On-Line Account Access Set Up page.

After applying for online account access, Battle River Power Coop members and West Wetaskiwin REA members will receive an email confirming a user name and password.

*When logged into the portal, please enter ONLY numerical values. Do not enter the decimal (eg: If your account number is 1234.00, please use 123400).

**If you have changed retailers or have a new account, double-check your account before making a payment to ensure the account number hasn’t changed.

***When paying your bill through online banking, depending on the bank choose:
Battle River Power Coop
Battle River Rural Electrification Association Limited

PLEASE NOTE: Our online account access portal is separate from online banking. Please contact your bank to help with the online banking setup.

Members are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit or call 310-4822 (toll-free in Alberta). Code of Conduct Regulation: Advertising Section 7(1)

Battle River Power Coop members, use the user ID and password provided to log in below.

Don’t have online access? Scroll down to setup access to your account.

On-line Account Access Set Up

Our website features a program that allows members to view their account history, make payments, or receive invoice details. To request On-line Account Access, please complete the following form. Within seven (7) days you will receive an e-mail containing your user ID and a temporary password.

Please note by submitting this completed form, you are allowing access to your accounts for the purpose of on-line account access.

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