Moving High Loads

If you are going to be moving an over-sized load or equipment, here’s what to do.

Step One – Plan your route and take notice of any power lines.

Failure to observe the minimum clearances between structures and power lines can have serious consequences. Failure to respect the clearances exposes you to the risk of serious injury or fatality and you can be held  liable for any costs/loss/damage resulting for non-compliance.

Step Two – Verify the height of your equipment and/or load.

If your load is over 13.6 feet (4.15 meters), it is considered “Over Height”.

Step Three – Obtain a travel permit.

A permit to travel on Alberta roads is required. This permit is available from Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation. Contact them at 1-800-662-7138 or their website – Oversize and Overweight Permits.

Step Four – Contact Battle River Power Coop to confirm the route and legislative requirements.

Please contact the Operations Department via phone 1-877-428-3972 or email contact us and submit a Highload Form. We will review your information and advise if the load can proceed or if it requires an escort. If  the load requires an escort, we will work with you to review the route and determine appropriate resource allocation. Please note Battle River Power Coop requires a minimum of 5 working days to facilitate move requests.