Battle River Power Coop Rate Schedule

Battle River Power Coop Distribution Tariff
(Effective April 26, 2021)

Rate – Rural Farm/Acreage BR240
Transformer Size 3 kVA 5 kVA 7.5 kVA 10 kVA 15 kVA 25 kVA >25 kVA
Monthly Operating $63.79 $63.79 $76.96 $90.13 $115.28 $165.29 $4.27*/kVa
*$165.29+$4.27 per kVA above 25 kVA
Demand Services are reset monthly with a minimum of the
transformer capacity of 25 kVA*
Dem. Ind. 0-50kVa – $4.40/kVa 51-500kVa – $2.75/kVa >500kVa – $1.88/kVa

Rate – Subdivison BR110
Shared Transformer Units
Service Charge per Unit $0.7804/day
All kWh Delivered 2.1982cents/kWh
Individual metered residential sites shared transformers

Rate – Idle Service BR110C
No Size Requirement
Monthly Operating          $36.20
Additional Pole          $1.65

Miscellaneous Charges
Disconnect Fee $95.00
Reconnect Fee $95.00
On Site Meter Platter Test $250.00 Charged only at member request
Charge to go on/off idle $50.00 Must be idle for 12 month period or
priced at service call @ $250.00
Late Payment Fee 2%
Doorknocker Charge $75.00

Energy Affiliated Retail Rates Regulated Rate Option
Refer to Energy Contract 6.35 cents/kWh Fluctuates monthly
Fixed Charges: $7.00 $7.00
UFE & Line Loss: Included Included

Battle River Power Coop Transmission Rate
(Effective April 1, 2022)

Transmission Rate
Transmission for kWh Consumed 6.16 cents/kWh

Load Settlement
Distribution Basic Daily Charge $0.0189/day
Distribution Adjustment Rider 0.00%
Total Load Settlement per day $0.0189