Energize / De-Energize

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Energize/De-energize Existing Service

If you have an existing service and wish to de-energize or re-energize after an idle term you must contact the office (1-877-428-3972) and complete one of the applicable forms listed below. If the member service has been de-energized for longer than one year, an electric permit will be required prior to Battle River Power Coop energizing the service.

Energize a non-subdivision service:

Energized Overhead Service Form

Energized Underground Service Form

Energize for a subdivision service only:

Overhead Subdivision Service Form

Underground Subdivision Service Form

De-Energize a Service

De-energizing your service means you will be setting your service to idle and you will be subject to the idle monthly charge ( see Rate Schedule).  You can call Battle River Power Coop (1-877-438-3972) or complete and submit the De-energize Service Request Form.