Battle River Power Coop sets a competitive benchmark for the delivery cost of reliable, rural power service because we operate as a cooperative. We do not generate profits for stockholders; we generate savings for members.

In 2017, an additional $5 Million would have been paid by the members if they had been customers of FortisAlberta (a publicly traded, for-profit utility). We are pleased once again to report the average saving per member in 2017 was $597.78. We are more pleased to report that over the last 11 years that translates to an average savings per member of $7,461.85.

Member saving occurs concurrently with high standards of safety and reliability. Battle River Power Coop undergoes the same audits for quality, safety and standards as for-profit utilities. In 2017, the annual Certificate of Recognition (COR) and OH&S audit awarded Battle River the highest score in Alberta. The score, consistent with previous years, is a source of some pride, but numbers on paper are secondary to the value of on-the-ground safety of Battle River Power Coop employees. We are 100% compliant with the Alberta Utilities Reliability Standards Reporting and the audit on our Quality Management Plan also scored 100%.

Communication with members is transparent, timely, educational and multi-faceted. Through the monthly newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and this website, Battle River Power Coop provides information on a wide range of topics. There is targeted radio advertising in our service area with CFCW and New Country 98.1. Collaboration with New Country 98.1 includes sponsorship of Around Town, the events page on their website.

The Battle River Power Coop Board of Directors is looking to the future, developing our next business plan and conducting a new Cost of Service Study. These plans will jointly assist us in continuing to use our resources effectively and efficiently for years to come.