Energy Saving

Battle River Power Coop wants to work with members to be ‘power wise and energy smart‘ and assist you in maximizing your energy efficiency.

This page provides tips, advice, information on energy efficient product rebates as offered by Energy Efficiency Alberta and an energy calculator. The energy calculator will provide you with the approximate cost associated with the use of appliances, lighting and other electronics within your home.

This page will also offer other links and resources to promote power smart actions.

Battle River Power Wise Energy Smart Resources

Home Energy Saving Tips

What is the Difference Between Lumens, Kelvins and Watts?

Energy Efficiency Alberta

Energy Efficiency Alberta was created to raise awareness among energy consumers of energy use and the associated economic and environmental consequences. Their website offers advice, interactive presentations and information on energy saving rebates for home and business.

To learn about watts and kelvins and determine the best lighting for various rooms in your home or business, visit

If you are interested in learning ways to be more power wise with your home energy use, visit

As savings programs are announced Battle River Power Coop will inform members via our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.