Battle River Power Coop would like to remind all farmers as you head out for seeding season to look up and around to identify where the power poles and powerlines are located and remember to follow these safety guidelines when working around power distribution infrastructure.

Tractor accident with power pole
photo credit: Manitoba Hydro

Check the height of your equipment. Know the height to ensure you can cross safely under power lines and be aware that newer equipment may be higher. Update your GPS so it will reflect any changes. Remember if the equipment is higher than 4.1 meters (13.5 feet) you must contact Battle River Power Coop before the move begins and request assistance.

Maintain a 10-meter safe zone from power lines. Powerline heights can vary depending on the weather and the age of the lines. Keep your distance from power lines by maintaining a 10 meter (approximately 33 feet) safe zone and pay special attention when operating grain augers, air seeders, or backhoes. If you have any doubts or questions about clearance under power lines or safe limits of approach, call the Operations Department at Battle River Power Coop (1.877.428.3972). They will be happy to inform you about the height of specific lines and safe clearance distances.

Backhoe tangled in power line

Plan before you move high equipment. If you are unsure about crossing under a power line, call Battle River Power Coop for assistance. The Operations Department will review your information and advise if a proposed load can proceed or if it requires an escort (if travelling on a roadway). We will work with you to review the route and determine appropriate resource allocation. Please note Battle River Power Coop requires a minimum of 5 working days to facilitate move requests.


Tractor incident with a power pole. Photo credit: Manitoba Hydro

Call before you dig. Underground facilities may be closer to the surface than you think. Whether you are planting a tree or installing a fence or a deck, ensure all your underground lines are located before you start. Verify the timelines necessary to arrange for a professional locator to identify line locations so you can include that in your project timeline. Contact Alberta One-Call to facilitate all underground line locates. Battle River Power Coop members should also call 1.877.428.3972 for locates past the meter.

Stack and store wisely. Whether you’re storing grain or hay bales, stack, and store at least 10 meters away from power lines. Additionally, do not pile material (dirt, gravel, etc.) under or around power lines as this will reduce clearances.