Keep Powerlines and Poles clear for public safety as well as Powerline Technician or Linemen Safety,

Why is it important to keep the land around powerlines and poles clear?

You have a power pole and transformer in your yard; you want to cover it up with some more attractive greenery, fence, or even adding a light or satellite dish to the pole. Power poles and transformers aren’t the prettiest things, but they do help to power homes.

A power pole with vegetation planted too close can be dangerous and prevent technicians from working on the pole.

A power pole with vegetation planted too close.

Yard sale signs, basketball hoops, deer stands, satellite dishes, lights, and birdhouses are all things Powerline Technicians find on utility poles. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also life-threatening to the professionals who maintain your electricity, and to those posting the items. For your safety and the safety of those who keep the power flowing, please do not post these items on power poles.

Satellite dishes, fences built too close, and other paraphernalia can prevent poles from being maintained or serviced, especially during a power outage.

Satellite dish on a power pole with a small fence around.

The clamped safety boots used by line workers to climb poles are vulnerable to becoming snagged on staples and nails embedded in posts. Foreign objects can also tear utility workers’ protective clothing, which is the first line of protection from an electric shock in the event of an accident. They can also injure workers despite the safety gear they wear to avoid contact with rough surfaces.

Signs attached to power poles are dangers not only for Powerline Technicians or Linemen, but also for the people who are hanging them. Nails and screws in a power pole can damage Powerline Technician or Linemen equipment and make them susceptible to danger.

Anyone posting items on utility poles also is at risk of exposure to thousands of volts of electricity pulsing overhead. Always stay at least 10 feet away from utility lines. Unauthorized pole attachments also violate the National Electrical Safety Code.

If there was ever an issue and the power goes out around your home, crews and servicemen need access to the power pole and the transformer. It’s important to make sure there is nothing in the way for them. That way Power Line Technicians can make sure that the power is on for you and your neighbours quicker. Whether it’s a transformer or a power pole, having it clear of obstructions will is necessary to help powerline crews.

Should you worry about staying clear of powerlines out at the farm?
Farms are a busy place and sometimes farmers run out of room for storing all their equipment. But if you’re not careful accidents can happen. If an auger or any other large equipment were to be stored underneath powerlines, there’s an increased risk of contact. Always confirm the height of new equipment and make sure augers and other equipment are lowered before moving. The same can be said for grain bins or hay bales. Hay bales and piled materials stored underneath powerlines can also be inviting for children who may climb too close to a power line. Keep grain bins, piled materials, and bale storage at least 10 meters away from powerlines.

Large equipment, such as backhoes, can get entangled in powerlines. Always look up and be aware of power lines and lower your equipment if you need to move underneath power lines.

Backhoe tangles in power line

Tractors can cause power pole and line accidents if people do not look up and around for them and aren't aware of their surroundings.

Tractor incident with a power pole.              Photo credit: Manitoba Hydro

Please do your part to help cooperative line workers stay safe. Do not attach anything on utility poles and report if you see tree stands, any hunting apparatus or other items that do not belong on utility poles.

Keeping equipment, buildings, and greenery away from powerlines and poles is keeping your family and any powerline technicians that come to work on your property safe.

It is also important to avoid tampering with or disrupting the guy wires that surround utility poles. Tell children not to play or swing on them and maintain your distance when performing yard work. If you see the poles or guy wires are disrupted in some way, please call your local utility company immediately.

Always make sure you know where guy wires are as well as power poles and power lines. Don't let children play around guy wires and make sure animals do not rub against them.

Guy wire in a field