Storm damage causes dangers that lurk not only during a storm but also after a storm has passed. Lightning can damage powerlines, power poles, and other electrical structures. Any scenario involving powerline damage, whether by a direct lightning strike or a tree striking the line, is a reason for an immediate call to Battle River Power Coop.

For your safety, always assume that a downed line is live, and stay at least 10 meters away. Electricity constantly seeks a pathway to the ground, so any object in contact with the line is also a potential danger.

If you are driving and see a downed power line, stay in your vehicle, warn others to stay away and contact emergency personnel and Battle River Power Coop. Never drive over a downed line as it could cause poles or other equipment to become more unstable and topple. Remember, lines do not have to be sparking to be live.

Be alert to the possibility that tree limbs or debris hide electrical hazards. A downed power line can energize things around it, especially anything metal, like a chain-link fence.

If our Powerline Technicians are working to restore power to a deadline, that line could become energized during power restoration efforts or from generators that are used improperly. If you have a generator, make sure you know how to use it safely. If your generator is permanent, call a qualified electrician to install it.

If you are in a car that has contacted a downed power line, stay in your vehicle. Call 9-1-1 and wait until our Powerline Technicians arrive to de-energize the line. Warn others not to approach the car. If you must leave your car because of fire, jump free from the car and shuffle 10 meters away from it with both feet together.

Alberta is known for its quickly changing weather conditions. If a power outage occurs during a storm, contact Battle River Power Coop at 1.877.428.3972 or download our app (Battle River Power Outages) from the App Store or Google Play. Do not rely on a neighbour to make the call, as some sites are individually fused. Our Powerline Technicians appreciate any information – like land location, time of the outage, etc. – you can provide about the power outage.