While placing signs on rural power poles may seem like an inexpensive way to advertise, it is against the law (The Alberta Electrical Utility Code – Section 2) and dangerous to Powerline Technicians (PLTs).

Battle River Power Coop asks the public to refrain from placing signs, posters, basketball rims, birdhouses, lights, or other structures on power poles, as they can cause serious hazards and it impacts the ability of our line crews to do their work safely.

If a pole needs to be climbed to access overhead equipment for maintenance or to restore power during an outage, extraneous items become hazardous obstacles. Even a small nail, tacks, staples, or barbed wire can puncture or snag a PLT’s safety gear, making them vulnerable to falls or possibly electrocution.

The height of powerlines is an effective way to separate electricity from people. If an unqualified person gets too close to energized lines to attach a prohibited object, they could be exposed to thousands of volts of electricity. As a good rule of thumb, it is important to stay at least 3 meters away from an overhead power line. Attachments to poles also pose a distraction hazard for drivers.

Battle River Power Coop places identifier signs on power poles and these signs conform to the shape of the pole and do not interfere with the PLTs when they climb to make repairs. Please be respectful of Battle River Power Coop equipment and property. Materials not belonging to the cooperative or another utility will be removed.

Keep power poles free of encumbrances so your PLTs can do their jobs quickly and safely!