Thunderstorm season in Alberta is now upon us. Lightning can damage powerlines, power poles, and other electrical structures. Any scenario involving powerline damage, whether by a direct lightning strike or a tree striking the line, is a reason for an immediate call to your electricity provider.

For your safety, always assume that a downed line is live, and stay at least 10 meters away. Electricity constantly seeks a pathway to ground, meaning that any object in contact with the line is also a potential danger.

The challenge to farmers is that agricultural work doesn’t stop just because of the weather. A storm safety policy for your farm is a proactive way to keep everyone safe. Your plan should include making sure everyone working outside or in an ungrounded structure like a greenhouse, can quickly access a safe place. Be aware of the early signs of thunderstorms, be prepared to postpone outdoor tasks if thunderstorms are expected, and make sure that everyone has access to a channel of communication to ensure everyone is safely accounted for.

Alberta is known for its quickly changing weather conditions. If a power outage occurs during a storm, contact Battle River Power Coop at 1.877.428.3972. Do not rely on a neighbour to make the call, as some sites are individually fused. Our Powerline Technicians appreciate any information – like land location, time of outage, etc. – you can provide about the power outage. For advice and tips on power outages, please visit our website