Albertans are coping with an unprecedented situation in dealing with COVID-19. The Alberta Government advises us to stay home as much as possible, while in some sectors work continues under strict health and safety standards. We are learning which services are essential to our everyday living and which ones we can postpone or do without. The situation is, by turns, tragic, educational and thought-provoking. In one sense, the virus is acting like a reset button, reminding us of the difference between wants and needs.

While we search for ways to keep a positive attitude during this challenging time, gratitude is a good starting point. This is easy, because the list of people to be grateful for is a long one. Food service providers, cleaning staff, nurses, doctors, fire fighters, police, EMS, utility workers, truck drivers, bankers, farmers, construction workers, and those who supply fuel and water are only a few of those providing essential services come rain, shine or COVID-19.

Looking deeper, we find that a great many of us are providing essential services in informal ways. You are providing an essential service when you deliver much needed supplies to a neighbour in self-isolation or to a relative in a high-risk category. You are serving others, especially the most vulnerable, when you clean and disinfect beyond the usual standard, postpone birthday parties, and visit friends using Facetime instead of in person.

We will get through this, and looking for positives helps. This week, Battle River Power Coop members are invited to share instances and events that make life better during the pandemic. We encourage you to post positive comments on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #GratefulForKindActs. You can also contact us by email ( and tell us about a kind or courteous act that helped to boost your spirits. We will share as many as possible.

Stay well.