Monthly bills sent out by Battle River Power Coop contain a breakdown of charges, found in the centre portion of the bill. Each category has its own purpose:

ENERGY: This line item reflects the cost of energy used within the billing cycle and varies depending on consumption and on the current cost of the energy. Consumption is determined through regular meter reads which, with few exceptions, Battle River Power Coop accomplishes by air.

ADMINISTRATION: This fee covers the costs for billing and member services.

DISTRIBUTION: The Distribution Tariff, established annually by the Board of Directors, covers the costs of the numerous critical and strategic activities required to maintain Battle River Power Coop’s distribution system. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

Accounting Information Technology Planning and Design
AFREA Load procurement Pole testing
Annual General Meeting Operations Pole replacement
Board of Directors Maintenance Power restoration
Contract negotiations Mapping Safety program
Government relations Member services (office and field) System repairs due to damage
Industry and stakeholder relations Meter changes Vegetation Management


TRANSMISSION: Transmission charges are based on consumption and reflect all supplemental transmission related fees such as the Quarterly Adjustment Riders, etc. in a single line. Transmission rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission. This amount must be collected by the Distribution System Operator (Battle River Power Coop) and paid to the Transmission Facility Operators. No portion for this fee accrues to Battle River Power Coop.

LOAD SETTLEMENT: This fee is charged by FortisAlberta for providing Load Settlement Service per active service. No portion of this fee accrues to Battle River Power Coop.