The calendar has turned to a new year and a new decade. At Battle River Power Coop, tradition and innovation; history and the present day are all relevant as we begin 2020.

Traditions are important in building family relationships that transcend generations – much like the relationship of members in an evolving cooperative that occurs over generations – parents to children to grandchildren.

Traditions reinforce values within a family, much like the cooperative principles

reinforce coop values. Tradition lends a certain spirit that nurtures family connections – much like the tradition of rural Albertans connecting and banding together to bring electricity to their and their neighbour’s farms.

Innovations lead us to a life-long quest for new learning, adopting new technologies that add member value and adapting to the ever-changing world of electricity delivery in Alberta.

In 2020 and beyond, Battle River Power Coop is grounded in tradition, connected to community and powered cooperatively.