A highlight of the holiday season for many families is gift-giving, and with December 25th drawing closer, we offer a few reminders about choosing children’s gifts with safety in mind.

Be sure to read labels on toys before you buy, checking the recommended ages and warnings about small pieces. Look for the manufacturer’s name and address on the package to be sure you are buying from a reliable company that will stand behind their product if a return is necessary. A few quick tips:

  • An adult should install any batteries required in toys and ensure that they are secure. Take special care with disc or button batteries that might look edible to a toddler. They pose a severe health risk if swallowed.
  • Latex balloons should be used for decorative purposes rather than as toys and kept out of reach of small children. Uninflated balloons or broken pieces can easily be inhaled and block a child’s airway.
  • Avoid toys with long strings or cords.
  • Carefully consider the child’s age and skill level before choosing ride-on toys, and do not allow their use near stairs.
  • Children’s ears are sensitive and loud toys can damage a child’s hearing if used for extended periods of time.
  • Check that crayons or markers intended for young children are labeled as non-toxic.

Whatever your traditions, and however you celebrate, Battle River Power Coop extends wishes for a safe and happy holiday season to all members.

Battle River Power Coop’s office will be closed on December 25, December 26 and December 27, open on December 30 and 31, and closed on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2020. As always, Battle River Power Coop is committed to the delivery of safe, reliable, cost effective power delivery and responds to trouble calls 24/7/365. Call 1.877.428.3972 in the event of an outage.