The fifth annual Meal to the Field contest has concluded after Battle River Power Coop staff delivered harvest meals to our contest winners all over our service area. The contest winners were:

Jean and Jim Angus, Wetaskiwin area

Mark and Margita Bendoritis, Thorsby area

Lloyd and Arlene Lidberg, Dorenlee area, north of Bashaw

Bill and Sandra Horneman, Beaumont area

Marilyn Thomas, Fort Saskatchewan area

Ron and Colleen Oberg, Pelican Point area, south of Bashaw

Tyson and Renée Persson, Millet area

Roy and Leda Johnson, Killam area

Joan Petrowski, Innisfree area

The tenth Meal to the Field winner was unable to participate due to personal circumstances.

Meal to the Field is an opportunity for Battle River Power Coop staff, management and Directors to connect with our members, hear your concerns, and enjoy some social time together. Many sites we visited in 2019 are multi-generational family farms, and we were delighted to meet three generations of family members on several occasions. We learned a few things worth sharing.

There were stories about the difficulties, delays, and frustrations caused by a cold, wet fall in much of our service area, although members were quick to point out the bright spots as well. The resilience and good will of farmers in the face of such a difficult harvest is inspiring.

Community involvement is a high priority with many of our Meal to the Field recipients. There were interesting discussions and stories shared about member’s involvement on regional and provincial agricultural boards, municipal boards, and Rural Electrification Association (REA) boards of directors.

There was an attitude of generosity among the contest winners. Two members gave their Meal to the Field to people who rent their land, and everyone enjoyed inviting friends, neighbours and extended family to join them.

Thank you to all the contest winners for welcoming Battle River Power Coop into your farming lives during Meal to the Field! See Meal to the Field 2019 photos in the gallery.