On May 16, for the 4th consecutive year, Battle River Power Coop sent a group of staff to work for Habitat for Humanity in Camrose. In so doing, the coop added 56 person-hours to the construction of a decent, affordable duplex that will soon be home to two families who are themselves adding sweat equity to the construction.

Habitat Camrose has built 36 homes to date, an amazing accomplishment that brings local volunteers, community organizations, businesses, government partners and home buyers together. The build is planned and organized under the leadership of local Habitat staff. Financing is from a number of sources, notably sales from the local ReStore and mortgage payments by existing Habitat partner families.

Habitat Camrose builds community along with homes. Partner families are chosen with care and assisted with financial counseling, setting them up for success in meeting mortgage payments. Home ownership allows the family to build equity and enjoy more financial stability, opening the door to more opportunities. Further education becomes a possibility, thus building a foundation for lasting independence and better employment.

Commitment to Community is the seventh cooperative principle and one that is especially rewarding for Battle River Power Coop staff. The day spent working for Habitat is an annual opportunity to contribute to community in a sustainable and lasting way. The baseboards that we painted are a tangible contribution to Habitat Camrose, the families that will soon move into their new homes, and the local community.

We wish the 2019 Habitat partner families success and fulfillment as new home owners.