Battle River Power Coop promotes electrical safety in the community by making available two electrical safety presentations, one suitable for school classes (grade 5 level) and the other for emergency responders.

Either presentation is available free of charge and can be easily scheduled with a call to the Battle River Power Coop office. Qualified Powerline Technicians will travel to your venue and teach your group how to be safe and aware around electricity. A list of Counties and Municipalities where this service is available is found here.

For grade 5, the PLTs will use a PowerPoint slide show and a tabletop simulator called the Hazard Hamlet to demonstrate unsafe scenarios around power lines. Students will be taught respect for the power of electricity and how to stay safe while playing in the vicinity of a power line. The PLTs will bring some of the equipment that they use at work, like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and climbing gear, and will answer questions posed by students and their teachers.

The presentation for emergency responders (Emergency Medical Services, Police and Fire Department) teaches special precautions that are necessary when answering a call to an incident site where a power line has been compromised. This program includes a high voltage demonstration and education about the consequences of contact with a live power line. Emergency responders will learn correct procedures and safe distances of approach to avoid serious injuries to themselves and/or accident victims.

The simulators used by Battle River Power Coop in these presentations reinforce the message of electrical safety and clearly demonstrate the need for awareness and caution when working or playing near power lines. We encourage your group to take advantage of this educational opportunity by calling 780.672.7738 or 1.877.428.3972 (toll-free). Ask to speak to a representative in the Operations Department.