The short answer to the question, “What makes Battle River Power Coop Different?” is a simple one: You do! As an electricity coop, Battle River Power Coop is, by definition, member-owned. There are no outside stockholders receiving dividends and the distribution tariffs reflect the actual cost of power delivery. This means that members save money on distribution charges. The average member savings for Battle River Power Coop members in 2017, compared to an Investor Owned Utility, was $597. Calculated over Battle River Power Coop’s service area, members collectively saved $5 Million in 2017.

While sound business principles prevail in a cooperative just as they do in any successful business, the differences are notable. The Board of Directors is elected by the members from among the members. All Battle River Power Coop members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, where financial reports and other information is made available. The seven cooperative principles, reproduced on this website, serve as guidance and inspiration.

One of these principles, Concern for Community, is evidenced in the purchasing choices at Battle River Power Coop. We buy locally whenever possible, spending $6 million in local communities and an additional $17 million provincially in 2017. We have taken community support a step further with the Member Benefit Program, increasing awareness of local businesses in our service area and encouraging members to spend local.

Electricity Coops have a long, proud and independent history in rural Alberta. After 69 years serving rural central Alberta, Battle River Power Coop’s sole mission continues to be “to provide electricity to our members and future members in the most prudent manner possible, while providing the best possible service.” We are local, rural, and reliable, providing rural Albertans a cooperative choice in electricity delivery.