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If you are interested in downgrading or upgrading, you must first determine what load you will be putting on the system. It is very important that you contact an electrician to determine the amperage you will require so your upgrade or downgrade matches your needs.

Battle River Power Coop will cover the cost of upgrading your system once in a 5 year timeframe and downgrading once in a 10 year timeframe. This emphasizes the value of an accurate assessment prior to any change.

If you would like to find out the cost differences for your distribution tariff, feel free to contact the Battle River Power Coop office to speak to the Operations Department, or email directly at fieldoperations@brpower.coop. 

You have the option to employ Battle River Power Coop electricians for an upgrade or downgrade assessment. Call the office at 1-877-428-3972 for information on this service.

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