Energize / De-energize

Energize a Service

For a New Service, Battle River Power Coop requires the applicable “Energize Form” to be completed and signed as well as a “Permit.” We will attempt to provide the service in the time that will meet your needs. Members, please note, if the service has been de-energized for longer than one year, an electric permit will be required prior to Battle River Power Coop energizing the service.

If you wish to energize a service, please choose the appropriate form and/or contact the office.

 Energize a non-subdivision service:

  1. Overhead Service
  2. Underground Service

Energize for a subdivision service only:

  1. Overhead Subdivision Service
  2. Underground Subdivision Service 

De-Energize a Service

You can call Battle River Power Coop or complete the online form to De-energize your Existing service. De-energizing your service means you will be setting your service to Idle; there will be no meter however there will be poles and other equipment to maintain or repair in the event of damage. As a result, you will be billed monthly Idle Charges.

De-Energize Form