Distribution Tariff (DT) Rates

Battle River Power Coop Rate Schedule Effective September 1, 2017


Rate – Rural Farm/Acreage BR240

Breaker Size 3 kVA 5 kVA 7.5 kVA 10 kVA 15 kVA 25 kVA >25 kVA
Monthly Operating $61.93 $61.93 $74.72 $87.50 $111.92 $160.48


 *$160.48+$4.15 per kVA above 25 kVA 

Demand Services are reset monthly with a minimum of the transformer capacity of 25 kVA**


Rate – Subdivision BR110

Shared Transformer Units
Service Charge per Unit $0.7577/day
All kWh Delivered 2.1342 cents/kWh

Individual metered residential sites shared transformers


Rate – Idle Service BR110C

No Size Requirement
Monthly Operating $35.15
Additional Pole $1.60


Rate – Street Lighting (Investment Option) BR310

Subdivision Only
Based on fixture cost, watts and type i.e. led
Once investment is paid rates decline to maintenance only pricing


Energy Affiliated Retail Rates

Regulated Rate Option

Refer to Energy Contract 7.3 cents/kWh Fluctuates Monthly
Fixed Charges: $7.00 $7.00
UFE & Line Loss: 5.4% on Energy Billed 5.4% on Energy Billed


Miscellaneous Charges

Disconnect Fee $95.00  
Reconnect Fee $95.00 Do not schedule OT reconnects
On Site Meter Platter Test $250.00 Charged only if member requested
Charge to go on/off idle $50.00 Must be idle for 12 month period or priced at service call $250.00
Late Payment Fee 2%  


Effective January 1, 2018


Transmission Rate

Transmission for kWh Delivered 3.7750 cents/kWh
Quarterly Transmission Adjustment Rider -0.0960 cents/kWh
Transmission Adjustment Rider 6.35%

Balancing Pool Allocation

0.3201 cents/kWh


Load Settlement

Distribution Basic Daily Charge $0.0190/day
Distribution Adjustment Rider 0.00%

Total Load Settlement per day