Pole Replacement Schedule

Pole Plant Maintenance Program

Battle River Power Coop replaces damaged and unsafe poles regularly to maintain the power system, and safety for the community. Our poles have scheduled testing, and are identified for replacement.

Battle River Power Coop changes poles in the winter, which works especially well in cultivated areas to minimize crop damage or places that will be flooded later on. It is also a perfect time of year for our own staff to complete the work instead of hiring a contractor. Although power outages will have to be scheduled, you can be assured that work will be scheduled to minimize/reduce your discomfort by keeping the outage as short as possible, and re-scheduling outages if temperatures reach minus 20 degrees Celsius or colder.


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Pole Plant Program (Replacement) Schedule

2012 Neutral, Roseberry, Wang
2013 Ervick, Fredericksheim, Strawhill
2014 Chipman, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc West, Viking
2015 Amisk, Hampton
2016 Angus Ridge, Battle River, Central Community
2017 Alix, South Daysland, West Daysland, Waterglen
2018 Bruderheim, Evergreen, Fredericksheim
2019 Neutral, Roseberry, Wang, Clearwater

Pole Plant Program (Replacement) Schedule