Energy Contract Rate

Energy Contract Rate

The Province of Alberta deregulated the energy which means Battle River Power Coop will remain your wire service provider but you do have a choice in who supplies you with your energy. Battle River Power Coop members have three options:

  1. You have been automatically signed up for the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) for energy, however, your rate will fluctuate monthly with the market prices.
  2. You can choose to sign an Energy Contract with Battle River Rural Energy.
  3. You can check out your options with the retail market; for further information, visit Utilities Consumer Advocate's website.

For information about the electricity industry & for a list of Alberta licensed retailers, visit Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) at or call toll free 310-4822. Retailers registered within the Battle River Power Coop includes Alta Gas, Utility Networks, Fluent and Battle Rive Rural Energy.

To sign up for this option, please have your legal land description, site ID, and personal information available.

Sign An Energy Contract

Currently Battle River Power Coop offers a contract ending on Dec. 31, 2020 for $0.073/KWh. Please contact the office for more details. There is no commitment; if, after receiving the contract you decide not to sign it, simply destroy the contract. Remember, you must be a member of Battle River Power Coop to sign the contract (renters cannot sign).

If you would like to sign up with Battle River Rural Energy, please be advised the transition can take up to 30 days.