What to do if you Contact a Power Line

Contact with power lines can be avoided if you plan ahead, know the dimensions of your equipment and continually watch for power lines. However, if you do contact a power line with your equipment, follow these requirements:

If you can safely move out from under the line or away from the electricity source, do so. If you cannot drive the vehicle for any reason stay in your vehicle unless there is a secondary emergency (e.g. vehicle is on fire) and warn others to stay away 10 metres (33 feet). Call 911 and your power provider for immediate assistance.

If you must exit your vehicle, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure no part of your body is touching the vehicle and ground at the same time.
  2. Open the door as wide as possible and prepare to jump.
  3. Jump from the vehicle, making sure you land with both feet together. Do not try to jump too far, making sure you do not stumble and touch the vehicle.
  4. Shuffle away -- do not step normally – the inside of your heel should still be touching the toe of the other foot when you start to move the other leg forward. Keep shuffling until you are at least 10 metres (33 feet) away from the vehicle. Do not touch anything (vehicle or fellow passenger who may have exited with you).

Do not return to your vehicle until it is confirmed safe to do so by your power provider.

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