Is Battle River Power Coop Working Near Me?

Current concern about rural crime has sparked increased watchfulness in rural areas. Unmarked or unfamiliar vehicles parked along country roads are a justifiable cause of unease. Battle River Power Coop would like to be sure that you recognize our blue and white vehicles and that you understand the reasons why our trucks are seen at work in our service area.  

A Battle River Power Coop serviceman may be responding to a service call. Vegetation Management may be assessing trees near a power line, or a brushing crew may be trimming or removing trees. Line inspections, maintenance, new construction or a line move may be in progress. A Planning and Design representative may be onsite discussing a new service with one of your neighbours.

You can access information about crew locations during a planned outage by going to the Outages tab on the Battle River Power Coop website, or use the link In addition, Battle River uses twitter to post land locations of scheduled work and tell you what our crews are doing. From time to time you will also see tweets that explain the presence of a contractor, like Davey Tree. You can see Battle River Power Coop tweets without joining twitter. Just click on the bird icon at the bottom of our website, or use this link:

Neighbourly concern is a good thing. If you see a vehicle stopped in your area and you are unsure whether or not it belongs to Battle River Power Coop, please call the office at 1.877.428.3972. We will be happy to either confirm that we are at work near you, or assure you that no Battle River Power Coop trucks are in your vicinity.

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