Energy Efficiency Alberta

Energy Efficiency Alberta

Energy Efficiency Alberta is the new Government of Alberta Agency dedicated to helping the province save energy. The programs and rebates currently available can be viewed on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website, and a few of the highlights are outlined below.

Online Rebates of up to $100 are available on qualified energy-efficient refrigerators, clothes washers or smart thermostats. Before you make your purchase be sure to check out the eligible products on the Efficiency Alberta website and make sure that your retail outlet sells the qualified items. Then make your purchase and follow the online procedure to get your rebate.

Home Improvement Rebates are available when you work with a participating Alberta contractor to install improved insulation, upgraded windows and tankless water heaters. The amount you save will depend on the energy saving value of the project. You will find a list of approved contractors and products on the website.

The Residential and Commercial Solar Program will offer rebates to homeowners, businesses and non-profits that install photovoltaic (PV) systems, beginning this June. The program is intended to help home owners who are interested in solar power and who do not already have assistance from other solar incentives, like Growing Forward 2. There are a number of qualifiers for the program, including grid connection and compliance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards. Complete terms and conditions will be available at program launch.

The Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program offers direct, no-charge installation of energy efficient products across the province. Whether you own or rent your home, an Energy Efficiency Alberta installer will visit your home and conduct a walkthrough to identify potential opportunities for energy-efficient upgrades at no charge. Most homes can be upgraded in one to three hours. Fill out the online form if you are interested in making an appointment for a trained installer to pay a visit and upgrade your home with energy efficient lightbulbs, faucet aerators, and smart thermostats.

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